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May 2012Bruna Benvenuti in questo sito! Welcome to this website! your comments, suggestions and queries are precious to us! CIAO
 Jun 2012               Margaret JenkinsI first met Bruna about 6 years ago, at once I could see she is a very clever girl. I told her about my times working for a chip shop owner Mario Nicandri, sadly passed away 3 years this month. Mario, was very kind to all people he met, at Xmas each year he would treat the children at the homes mainly orphans to food and drink. I went through a very poor period in my life, he let me work for him and made sure my children never went without. I stay in touch with Mario's, beautiful children who like their dad are kind and good. The one I know is that the Welsh Italians, sort of melt into the Welsh so that we all get on very well.
 Jan 2013 Darren CraneI read through your site yesterday evening and wanted to complement you on a fantastic site.

I too, although you would not know from my name, am a third generation Italian. My Nonno and Nonna both came from, Granere a small village near Santa Giustina in the frazione di Bardi. I return every year to see my family and friends and am extremely proud of my heritage.

I read the “Your Stories” section of the website and was overjoyed to see that Mike Thomas from Ledbury, a descendant of the Cordani family mentioned my family, the Roffi’s who supplied their shop with gaming machines. The company in question was TLJ Automatics (Tomaso Roffi (T), Lino Roffi (L) & Joe Savi (J). This business was also based in Tredegar near the town clock. For Mike’s information other shops in Tredegar run by Italian families would have included The Provini’s (Circle café) and I believe later the Park Café (which was originally Berni’s), Gasperini’s(Church Street), Savi’s Europa Café and Irena Provini also had a fabulous shop where she sold Wool and more importantly childrens toys which takes me right back to my childhood.

I have some great photographs that I would like to share with your website and would love to hear from you if these are of interest.

Grazie mille per il bel sito 

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