Cooking with Borettane Onions

Here is a booklet of recipes which have been brought to Bruna's attention by Sig. Giancarlo Zambelli of Boretto, Italy. 
Sig. Giancarlo is constantly promoting the local history, traditions and culture of his beloved village in the Emilia Romagna region. 
Having lived 23 years in Boretto and 13 in Wales, when I spoke to him about the Welsh Italian day with the Women’s Institute, we both thought it would be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the Borettane onions. 
Sig. Matteo Freddi, a fruit and veg producer and exporter has kindly agreed to participate and donate hundreds of the original Borettane onions to try out with the recipes presented in this book. 
And now you can also find the lovely Borettane onions in most British stores. 
What a lovely way to celebrate Welsh-Italian culture and love for food!

 From 'Gazzetta di Reggio', 28th April 2014.
Tim Quindi,
11 Mar 2014, 12:51