Quiz about Italy and Italians in Wales

1.      What was the name given to Italian cafes in South Wales?

2.      What is the name given to the Italian football team?

3.      Which Welsh-Italian rugby player played for Wales?

4.      ‘Margherita’ is the name of the famous Neapolitan pizza. What does Margherita mean in Italian

a.      Daisy     b. Daffodil     c. Tulip

5.      What does ‘tiramisu`’ mean?

a. Turn me inside out.     b. Bring me down     c. Pick me up

6.       What are the main ingredients of ragu`?

a. onions, celery, carrots, tomato sauce, meat, red wine

b. Onions, tomatoes, meat and red wine

c. Tomato sauce, red wine and meat

7.      Victor Spinetti ‘s grandfather was originally from

 a. Bargoed, Wales     b. Barga, Italy     c. Barry, Wales     d. Bardi, Italy

8.       Henllan, in Caredigion was

a. a prisoners of war camp in West Wales

b. a popular resort in West Wales

c. a military base in West Wales

9.         What is the Welsh for Italy?

10.     What is the Italian for Wales?

11.     Which Italian town is Portmeirion said to be based on?

12.     What is the name of Joe Calzaghe’s  father?

 a. Enzo     b. Renzo     c. Sancho

13. In 2011, theatre company Theatr Na N’Og made a play about

a. The Italian coffee shops in Wales

b. The Arandora Star tragedy

c. The internment of enemy aliens.

14.   One of these women is a celebrity chef with Italian origins

 a. Nigella Lawson     b. Angela Hartnett     c. Delia Smith