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For those who are trying to find out more about their Italian roots, your appeals can be e-mailed to Bruna and subsequently posted on this page.
Searching Pomelli/Jaconelli
I am trying to find information about my grandparents, Angelo Pomelli and Lucy Jaconelli. They lived in Manchester and moved to Tonypandy about 1922. My mother Maria Pomelli was born there. They already had three other children Winnie, John and Angelo so presume they were in school there. I think they were only there for about 6 months and made biscuits for ice cream eg wafers. They then moved to Stoke on Trent. My grandfather was from Cassino and grandmother Caserta. Were there any families in Wales from these areas ?
Any information would be most helpful. Thanking you in advance and kind regards.
Rita Boulton (August 2014) 

People from Vallegrande, Abruzzo
This photo was taken in the late 1920s, at Vallegrande, by the river. The woman second from left is Nonna Angelarosa Arcari (Grilli) with I think her Grilli family. We don't know who any of the others are. Can anybody help? 
Anita Arcari Pugh