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Margo Giovannone

Caroline Giovannone Luker has kindly provided a charming audio interview about her mother Margo Giovannone and her Italian heritage. We are grateful to Caroline for providing this interview and the associated photographs. 

In Caroline's own words 

Caroline Giovannone Luker
I'm 52 and work in Cardiff as a Civil Servant. 
When I was 18 I worked in Sicily as a Nanny for 2 years. I also worked as a holiday rep for a year near Venice, when I was 25. So the pull to Italy was very strong. 
I have an immense love of all things Italian, especially the food. I went to college to study catering. I wow all my friends with my secret meatball recipe, make my own pasta and arancini. I do my baking while listening to Massimo Ranieri, a family favourite. 
I try to go to Arpino every other year. I am going in July and will meet up with Rita and Pietro, the Cousins that my lovely Mother found. 
Everyone who knows me, knows of my Italian heritage, I wear it on my sleeve. I am extremely proud to be part Welsh and part Italian. 
My mum, Margo Giovannone, was also very passionate about her Italian heritage and made sure she passed her love of Italy down to myself and my Sister, Gina. I would like to share this audio interview about her.

The interview in MP3 format 


Margo Giovannone

Margo Giovannone



Giorgio Giovannone                Francesco Giovannone
 Giorgio Giovannone                            Francesco Giovannone
(Margo's grandfather)                           (Margo's father)